I tow our 177SE with a 2016 Tacoma. I noticed it was having a difficult time shifting and was running at high RPMs. (see earlier posts on true weight of Retro). In September, at the 10K mile oil change, I mentioned it to the service tech. He researched the issue and found there was a software update that solved the problem. (Service ticket notes "Erroneus ECM software causing harsh upshift. TC1601 TSB 0077-16. Reprogram with updated software.")

On our two trips following the update I found the truck shifted easier, ran at lower RPMs, and got better gas mileage.

If you are towing with a newer model Tacoma, check with the service tech next time you are in the shop and see if it needs a software update. 

Rebooting transmissions-- what a Brave New World.
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