Wanting to sell My unit.. I bought my 177SE
Last September..My shake down trip was a 4000k mile trip from Western North Carolina up in the Dakotas and back..This is the only time that the Trailer has been used other than a two day trip to Cherokee NC..(I live about and hour away)

We experienced several of the same issues that a lot of Retro Owners have,,IE. water leaks around fender wells,,front corners,, water leak in the shower area,, refrigerator light,,when I got to Bottineau North Dakota I bought several tubes of real good caulk and a bulb for the frig.(the original bulb was clearly burned,,replacing the bulb did not fix.

I caulked all the inner fender wells,,( no caulk from factory) There were areas You could "throw a cat through" in both inner fender wells and at each outside corner.. Several hours of caulking.

The temps started dropping so I bought some pipe insulation and insulated all the water lines exposed up under the unit..

The paint on the wheels was real thin and you could see the grey primer.

Anyway,We made the trip. I delivered my Retro to my Dealer in Lexington SC..

They have had it for a couple of months. I spoke with the Service Manager yesterday and it is done

Instead of painting the wheels,the factory sent brand-new tires and wheels.. They replaced the frig. Light switch..There were several areas on rear bumper and frame that had bad rust.. They cleaned the areas,, treated with a rust inhibitor and painted,, They rechecked and verified the areas that I had caulked in ND.

So, I now have a 2016 177SE Red and White,, Better than "New" condition with all the common ailments taken care of.. The tires are brand new,Pipes are insulated,,rust is inhibited and spots painted. I have the factory lift kit but it is not installed..TV installed..

Like I have said,, this unit is better than a brand new one right off the line.. Riverside has poor QC.. I was a Supervisor in Quality Control Lab in a Laminate Manufacturering plant for several years,,and I was amazed at just how "Poor"

I would like to upgrade to a Red 189SE. I am 6'2 195 and My Girlfriend is 5 ' 10,, We are over 60 With two small dogs it is "tight" for US.. I love the 189 floor plan..

I am asking $15,500

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V & T
We just sold our 177SE utilizing rvt.com. They are much more reasonable than RVTrader.com. Although it seems RVTrader.com has more activity.
Van & Terri
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I still have not seen my investment.. I called the"Dealer" yesterday with all hopes in working on a trade for a 189r.. I was informed that the ,"Dealer" is no longer a "Dealer" for RETRO. The reasons given are understandable.

So now I have to arrange to make the 3hr trip from my home to pickup my "investment""

I hope that the Dealer's QC department is better than the Factory
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