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I have not heard of a problem with the new models but of course You don't have a problem until it is too late.

Since this type problem is not really a design issue but a poor "fit and finish" and poor "Quality Control" "It" will not be resolved until the Quality Control is improved.

The means "Someone" needs to be dedicated to go back over the unit and inspect these type areas.

Just going by my unit, there needs to be serious "caulk training",, nothing that should have been caulked had been caulked at all or in most places it looked liked a two year old had done it.

Had I not gone over every inch of my unit and identified and caulked these areas before I hit the road on my 4k miles maiden voyage I would have major damage to several areas from front to back.

I had read about the fender well leaks after I go home with my New unit and decided to go over everything, I AM GLAD THAT I DID!.

I did not find the "leak" at base of the bathroom wall until I was 2kmiles from home.

Anyway,, these Trailers are beautiful and well designed and have the potential to be the best TT on the road.

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my 2 cents on tt problems. I get trailer life mag every month. The are so many issues with poor quality it make you wonder. A friend bought a new Jayco and on first trip from Chico Ca to Phoenix the bathroom wall separated from the frame . The screws to hold panel too short. So many issues he took a big loss after 6 months to get rid of the unit. I have a 2014 150 and only leak or problem was shower faucet had to be replaced Thank God. GBA ps Flexseal in the wheel well works great to prevent any leaks in rain or snowy weather 
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Not that I have problems with mine. But I wondered if building one in an enclosed trailer the way you wanted might not be a bad idea for my next go round. 
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Alabama Jim
I can only say that our 2016 195 has not leaked in two years and 9000 miles of travel.  The 177 has had some problems with leaks and I do not know if it has been corrected.
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