Just bought a 2016 166 and was looking at a 6" drop hitch to match up to my '17 Grand Cherokee to tow level. I did a 2"lift and the trailer tows level with a 4" drop and will better handle driveways. 
My unit was easy to raise with no welding. It has a Lippert axle that attaches to the frame with a flange and bolt setup. I used 2" square 1/4" steel 11" long for each side. Had to drill 3/4" holes offset to fit the 5/8" bolt heads in the tube. The axle is attached to the frame with 2-5/8" grade 8, 2 1/2" fine thread bolts. Bought 4 more and set the 2" drilled tube in place. Tricky but it works and the whole deal cost me about $50. The photos are before and after. Glad to answer any questions. 

Before - 0" lift
0 inch lift.jpg 

After - 2" lift
2 inch lift sm.jpg 
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Alabama Jim
Nice job, Ray.  You are talented.
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Thanks for the pics and info. 
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