So last week we had rain 35 mph winds for three days. When we purchased our Retro two months ago, I had the dealer install a CAMCO vent cover over the bathroom fan. It woks fine so you can keep the vent open all the time even if it's raining outside.

So after the three days I go inside the camper and found a puddle directly below the Maxxair ceiling fan (even though it was in the closed position). After analyzing the situation I got the model off the Maxxair vent fan and found that there is a vent cover specially made for that model. It requires NO TOOLS and no training to attach over the vent. It will allow you to open fully the vent using the remote. The only catch is you have to disable the rain sensor feature because it will not be necessary.

This is the link to the items:

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Ralph L Staub
This is great to know. I’m having vent covers added at my annual service next month. I’ll call ahead to be sure they have the proper parts in stock. Thanks!
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