We have been towing our 2016 177SE for two years now with a 2016 Hyundai Santa Fe (long wheel base, towing capacity 5000#). I have never towed with a pickup, but have never had a problem with the Santa Fe either. Recently I learned that a friend of a friend has a 2010 F-150 for sale. It has only 38,000 miles on it as it always has been an "extra" family vehicle. It has the 4.6 liter V8 (3-valve, 6-speed trans.), a well respected engine.

When we take a long trip we travel all over the US with plenty of mountain driving. We get 7-12 mpg with the Santa Fe when towing and about 19-21 mpg combined for daily non-tow driving. I have driven the F-150 quite a bit in the last couple of days (not towing). It certain feels a lot bigger and more cumbersome than the Santa Fe, as such I prefer the SUV to the pick-up as a daily driver. Also, when my wife retires we will be taking longer duration trips and will likely move up to a trailer in the 25-28' range. At that time we would certainly upgrade to a pickup.

Some questions:
  • Are there some obvious advantages to towing with a pickup vs an SUV that I may want to consider?
  • Would kind of gas mileage can I expect with the F-150?
  • Are there technological disadvantages associated with the 2010 vehicle - no 6-cylinder/no EcoBoost? Anything else?
  • Could towing with the pickup by chance be less fatiguing? I seem to be much more fatigued on a long day towing with the SUV than when not. Much the same as I am when driving in the rain all day long.
  • Is it overall safer to tow with a pickup? We never exceed probably 3600 pounds towing the 177SE and average about 62 MPH.

I know a lot of this is subjective, but feedback would be much appreciated.

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We ended up passing on the F-150. I like to keep a 1000 pound between the towing capacity and trailer weight. We can manage that with the Santa Fe's 5000# capacity. For now we are going to hang with the Santa Fe and move up to a greater towing capacity vehicle when needed.
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