Hello all,
We're thinking seriously about purchasing a new 2017 177SE but I have a couple of concerns and one of them is the very limited pay load or carrying capacity of this trailer.  Riverside lists it at 540lbs and that's before you add the 160lbs in the fresh water tank!

We are first time campers so I just don't know how much weight we'll be adding to the trailer after the fresh water tank is full.  380lbs doesn't seem like much and does this include the weight of the battery (or batteries)?  Clothes, pots/pans/utensils, chemicals/cleaners/sponges, a TV, food in the fridge, maybe folding chairs and a card table, bedding, etc...
The heavy stuff like the generator and maybe a couple of bikes can go in the tow vehicle to save a lot of weight but how much does the rest of this stuff add up to?
Any experienced campers out there using the 177SE? What should we expect?

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Brian & Kathy
Hi Robert, And welcome. We also have a 177se and do mainly dry camping at N.Y. state park.   We never carry h2o in camper to park  just fill up in park. If you are going to boondock ( no hook ups) I would not in my opinion carry h2o in camper but carry in T.V.    Our t.v is Ford 150 with cap. My wife says I am weight Nazi.  Here are some of the things we have done to cut weight. Beer 4 cans in frig. the rest in cooler with NO ICE, stored in truck, use cans, lighter than bottles . A beer removed from frig replace with warm one . I   get behind on this. I bring the cooler to keep the beer in if  frig craps out. Cleaning supplies, you don't need 1lb of dish soap ,buy smallest one in store, refill between trips, small liquid hand soap  refill between trips. We bring 2 plastic dinner plates, 2 plastic bowls, plastic cups, you can use paper plates also The main thing is you don't need a diner service for eight. In the frig. We put ketchup & mustard  in small Tupperware, less space. Bedding , base it on temp. on trip. 80" sheet. 40" blankets 2, You have furnace. Cloths,  you can make a pair of shorts last for a week ( I did wear a pair of underware for a week , I would have gone longer but I dropped them and they broke). Food, we like to precook stews and soups and freeze. Bringing canned goods adds up fast in weight  The 177se has 2 propane tanks, I only care one full one and one empty  , saves 20lbs. We do not have gen. I carry 2 extra deep cycle batterys and solar panel, stored in truck, to recharge, we have camped  up to 7 nights this way.  One last thing, when we get ready to leave, I do not empty h2o tank, when I get to dump station in park I have wife fill john and flush 2 & 3 times this really helps to clean holding tank, AFTER I pull away from dump station I open drain valve for h2o tank and drain on the way home.  I hope this helps  Brian
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When I hear people say they bring 1000-2000lbs of stuff in their trailer it makes me wonder. I assume they're bringing water. I know the weight of things add up quicker than people realize.Being newbies my wife and I decided to make a pile of all the stuff that will be going into the trailer and check the weight. There's no way we'll come close to the a 1000lbs. Like the above poster we're very weight conscious. Not because of our 180R payload which is pretty high, but our current tow vehicle's  tow capacity will be right at the 80% mark. We are weekenders in the Midwest so that's a factor to consider. Don't tow with full water tanks and bring only what you need for the time you'll be camping. Our philosophy is, our Retro is only a convenient  place to sleep, cook, and go to bathroom. We're not trying to bring our home with us 
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Alabama Jim
Robert, we owned a 177 prior to moving to a 195.  We loaded it with water, food, clothing, camping gear in every storage space, and then hooked it to our F-150 and traveled on a 2000 mile trip and had no trouble. 
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James Amos
I think your biggest risk of overloading is your tires that come on this camper. They can be replaced with more load carrying capacity tires. However I'm told that the new 177se may have a better Tire on them now and an actual St tire. Then next is the axel
and the bearings that are provided.
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V & T
We recently sold our 177SE. Our 177SE came with Coker tires which should not be on a trailer because they have polyester cords and rated load range B. We estimated the weight of items we put in the Camper at 300lbs. Of course, that was without any water. Never experienced any towing problems. But, I'm a very conservative driver.
Van & Terri
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A full water tank is 324 lbs. The 177SE actually comes with a 39 gallon tank, but the spec and weight labels were based on a 20 gallon one. I don't know if they originally were 20 and went to 39 in later production or what, but they've been 39 gallons since at least MY2016.

I upgraded mine to a 5200 lb axle, as mentioned in this thread.


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With the 195, you will have no problem. Carry capacity is over 3000 pounds. You don't have to count the ounces.
That was one of the factors for getting it.
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