We are looking at the 177FK and the 189.  Does anyone have comments on the 177FK with the Murphy bed but we like to bigger bath and kitchen.  We have never owned a trailer but in the "thinking and what if" stage now.  Thanks in advance for any help.
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Hello and welcome to the Retro family!
We bought a 2017 181b (now a discontinued model) that has two small bunks and a big U shaped dinette that converts to a very large and comfortable bed. This was my first experience with any kind of RV, so I was worried about a lot of stuff that turned out to not really be important! Camping in a Retro is so much fun, I think I would enjoy almost any model...... just get one and get on the road..... you’ll have a blast. 
Camping trailers are by definition a huge compromise between being big enough to live in and small enough to tow. The 189 will be more spacious in the campground, but the 177 will be easier on the road. We tow with a full size V-8 pickup and most of the time I forget the Retro Rocket (similar size ane weight to the 177FK) is even back there...... but then you get climbing in the mountains, snuggling up to a gas pump or trying to back up into a tight campsite and I find myself wishing for a 509! 
On the subject of the Murphy bed, we wanted both a big bed and a big table in a small trailer, so the choice was obvious. I think a dedicated full time bed is a nice feature, but it really eats up a big chunk of floor space in these compact trailers. Yes, at the end of a day we have to drop the table and make the bed before going to sleep, but we have become very efficient at the process and I really don’t mind doing it. The big dinette lets us stretch out, provides a work and project area and can accomodate a crowd if a party develops (known to happen!).
To my eye, the single axle 177 looks smaller (because it is) more “retro” and a little cuter than the bigger Retros. On the other hand, the bigger models have a lot more elbow room and double axles which spreads the load over 4 tires instead of 2.  With my single axle and absurd amount of stuff we pack in our poor little camper, I need to be super vigilant about tire pressure, heat buildup, tread life etc. Having said that, we have travelled over 12,000 miles on the original factory tires without issue. Still, I have ‘axle envy’ and experience jealousy when I run into a 189 or 195 in a campground!
Also, keep in mind that the published weights of the 177 & 189 (3100 vs 3750) don’t represent loaded towing weights. Once we started filling the fridge with beer, piling in more clothes than we’ll ever need, jamming the telescope and inflatible boat into the bunks and forgetting to empty the water and holding tanks, we end up pretty heavy (actually overloaded.... my wife made me cut down on the beer). The bigger trailer will encourage this bad behaviour, but it sure is fun to have all your stuff with you when you get where you are going.
Whichever one you choose, you’re gonna have fun...... and remember that other Retro owners will be “instant friends” wherever you go and you will always have the best looking camper in any campground! 

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