Jim Tortorici
I have a brand new 177 se and a brand new generac iq 2000 generator.  When I plug the generator in with nothing on the generator overloads.

If I turn off all of the circuit breakers, the generator runs fine until I have turned them all back on (then it overloads). It doesn't seem to be any one breaker in particular, just when they are all on.

The camper seems fine when plugged into an ac outlet.

Has anyone experienced or heard of this?


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Haven't heard of this problem, but it might be a ground fault.    But, I would expect problems when plugged into the AC also.

We have a 177, and use a Westinghouse XLT2000 generator with no problems.    It will run the AC, but if you want to run the microwave you have to turn off the AC (no surprise).
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I will be picking up my new 166 next week and was wondering were to store a Honda 2000 generator.
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