i have been interacting on this site for a few months and have read or received some great advise.  We picked up our 176S yesterday, after waiting about 10 weeks for it to arrive.  Towed it home about 100 miles from the dealership and it tracked like a champ.  I will post more about the order experience and what we included later, just happy to be an actual owner at this point.  IMG_0735.JPG 
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Beautiful rig - congratulations!!!
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Alabama Jim
Welcome aboard the USS Retro.  May God grant you many safe and fun trips.  Thank you for sharing the photo of another beautiful Retro.
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It's beautiful!!  Can't wait to see pics.of the inside!!
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Greg & Lynne Lee
Little Red Retro
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Hope you enjoy yours as much as we are our. Great choise of color
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