Stopped at a dealer recently just to look. Not a Riverside dealer. When we mentioned that we had a Riverside he commented about numerous and frequent problems with the roof membrane. He said they need to be treated for UV protection and waterproofing frequently.
Anyone elde been told this or had to do this ?
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Our 2016 177SE has a TPO (DiFlex II) roof, with a 12 year warranty, although the warranties aren't really worth a whole lot. They cover material, and most of the cost is labor and lost opportunity.  I haven't seen any complaints about the roofs on these units. Maybe in 12 years. 

There are basically two types of roofing on RVs. Solid (fiberglass or aluminum), or membrane (TPO or EPDM). The former is generally better and longer lived, but more expensive. Most these days have membrane roofs. TPO vs EPDM, there's not a big difference - pros and cons balance pretty closely, although TPO is generally considered better and cheaper. I think TPO is more common these days. Any dealer who's saying that there are problems with Riverside's TPO roofs is ignoring that much of his inventory has the same type of roof. Consider it sales-speak. If you want to have fun, walk around the lot and challenge him/her as to what type of roof each unit has, how often it needs "to be treated for UV protection and waterproofing", and why it's different (or is he trying to sell you an Airstream) ðŸ˜„.

The biggest concern is not UV, but the sealing and physical damage (especially if you camp where there might be overhanging trees). Neither are the fault of the material itself. Just be sure to check (tears in the membrane, cracks in the caulking) on occasion. Catching water intrusion quickly is key.

Cleaning isn't particularly critical, but simple soap and water is all that's needed. Car wash or Murphy's Oil Soap are fine. I stand on a ladder and use a push broom and hose sprayer to clean.
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For added membrane UV protection,

leave it dirty....

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I'd use a product for rubber RV roofs.  Here is what I use and the cost is reasonable..

I apply it with a soft car-wash pole brush and rinse it off.  Do this twice a year, once before I store it in the winter, and then again in the spring as I pull it out for the next season.

Mold can develop on a "dirty" roof and shorten the life of your membrane.  This stuff prevents mold, cleans the roof, and adds a UV protectant.  Easy as washing your car (except that you are on a ladder).
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I was considering using a product called Wet & Forget this Fall on the TT roof. Over the past couple of years, Moss and algae/mold has become a terrible issue on the home property. Discovered this stuff and it has been amazing - used in on mossed-up and stained patio pavers, home and shed roof, wooden retaining bulkhead, asphalt drive - and so far it's worked like a charm everywhere. Kills what's there, then (with maintenance use) keeps it clean.
Their site has a section on RV use and it sounds like its good there as well. Any one have RV experience with it?
~ Linda & Bill
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Russell J Russell
Interesting thread. I have a question along this topic. Are our Retros roofs strong enough for a nearly 200 pound person to walk around inspecting, cleaning, and repairing up there? 
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 Yes Russell it is strong enough. 
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