• How to make camper curtains! DIY how to video!

    Here's how I did it, and also a link on how to remove the mini blinds. enjoy! https://youtu.be/9LmSRBJZyQk iframe width="560"...

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    Started by Roamingartist

  • Wanting to buy!

    I absolutely love the design and floor plan of these trailers. I want to buy one but I keep reading about quality issues. I know that the people that...

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    Started by Frank

  • Power inverter question

    Hi there Newbie here -bought our first ever TT (new 2018 176S) last November, and cannot wait till weather lets us out to actually use it! I've...

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    Started by cadal99

  • Newest improvement

    Installing two 6 volt deep cell batteries and a 1000 watt inverter to our 177se. Sucks to get old and can't sleep without my cpap. We are staying in...

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    Started by Roccosamore

  • Diesel Heater in 195

    Hello everyone. I posted about adding some ducting into the 195 under the sink a little while ago, thought I would share my diesel heater install...

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    Started by TheRandom

  • Ducted Venting in 195

    Hello everyone. Just wanted to share some of the mods Ive done on my 195. I am a full timer and its starting to get cold up here in Alberta. After a...

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    Started by TheRandom

  • Clean awning ideas

    We have a 195 and I don't know about anyone else but keeping the white awning clean is a chore. Ours even gets filthy rolled up. I watched a...

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    Started by Dave

  • Painted Wheel Wells

    I've been reading multiple reports on this forum about wheel wells leaking in the seams and allowing water intrusion into the coach. This has...

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    Started by dwight.hughes

  • Solar Panel

    I added a solar panel to my 177SE: It's a Renogy 100W monocrystalline panel (RNG-100D), and a Morningstar Prostar PS-30M controller. It can...

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    Started by mikes

  • Current paint codes

    I thought I would share this will everyone. The below paint codes where sent to me a couple of weeks ago from Riverside.

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    Started by DavidnFL

  • One more lift kit question...

    Just installed mine and aligned axle. Question - is there a torque for the bolts? Mine are currently tightened to the breaker bar + pipe = pretty...

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    Started by Tom

  • Some Improvements to my 195

    I have made a couple nice improvements to my 195,, The first is to add a drawer to the under the booth storage area. When I bought it there was...

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    Started by bmr528

  • Winterize Your Retro

    HOW TO WINTERIZE YOUR RETRO 177se RV TRAILER OVERVIEW: It's that time of the year again. Time to winterize your Retro RV trailer. At the end...

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    Started by dwight.hughes

  • Small Generator and Air Conditioning

    Hi All, Haven't been back here in a while- Been Camping Instead, yeah! We've got a small honda generator, EU2000i, that works fine for our...

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    Started by Tom

  • Shower drain from below

    Anyone cut through the floor from below to expose the shower drain? Want to replace that line.

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    Started by Tom

  • Wanting to mount something without drilling holes...

    Hey all I figured I would share a trick I learned back when we had our first RV... I wanted to make a few items "stick" without damaging...

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    Started by MadCnty

  • Painting interior

    I have a Retro 177 with gold and brown interior .I have primed all the walls and wood with 2 coats of Valspar primer, I'm getting ready to paint all...

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    Started by Susi Williams

  • Hitch storage

    I’ve been at a loss for storing my hitch when not in use. Its greasy, heavy, and makes big dents in stuff when not secured. Found this bolt on...

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    Started by Ralph L Staub

  • eTrailer LED Light Addtion

    Ordered these to replace our 155XL interior lights. The existing lights were 18W each (2 per housing) Cost for this dual fixture is 13.33 each at...

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    Started by riversidervowners

  • Drop Floor, Original 155

    So the old 155 (not the XL) has a dropped floor in the kitchen area and a low ceiling. This would not work for NBA players. While reworking the...

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    Started by Tom

  • 155 with lift and 15" wheels

    Tired of dragging. Before: After: Forgot to put the new, not rusty, baby moons on. Haha. Next time.

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    Started by Tom

  • New dinette light and radio switch

    Added a power switch to the radio so I could turn it off completely. Someone on the forum had already done this. Also replaced light over the...

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    Started by Dave

  • Replacement tires

    Since being on this forum, for maybe 2+ years now I have become well aware of the very possible safety dangers with the factory tires. At least for...

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    Started by dwight.hughes

  • Fresh water tank drain

    I recently filled my fresh water tank for the first time and it was leaking from the drain hose behind the wheel on the passenger side. How does that...

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    Started by Bunk

  • Bike Racks

    Finally added a bike rack to my 199fks. Rear bumper is known to be too weak to support one without some custom modifications, so I found the...

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    Started by Ralph L Staub