• Measurements

    We purchased a new Retro 195 this past weekend but aren't taking possession of it until beginning of April. After getting home I realized I didn't...

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    Started by sweetpea

  • 199FKS Shake Down Cruise

    Got the camper around Christmas and finally got to Christen her. About a 750 mile round trip, Atlanta to St. Andrews State Park in Panama City Beach,...

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    Started by Gaelicdog

  • Newbie here....with a 176S

    Getting ready to take off for a trip to the Southwest and plan to live in 176S for a while in a Long-Term situation. I see this is not recommended...

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    Started by Gran

  • Hi, I'm new here

    Greetings all! I'm from west Michigan, like my wife, TravelerGirl. We have a 2018 177SE we bought last fall. It is sitting next to our garage, and...

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    Started by TravelerGuy

  • Hello!

    Hello Everyone! New to the forum. Thought I would say hi. I have a 2018 Retro 195 in Pewter/Red. I live up in Canada. Stony Plain Alberta to be...

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    Started by TheRandom

  • Introduction

    Greetings from West Michigan! My husband and I bought a new 2018 177SE in October. We towed it home and it is sitting on our property waiting for...

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    Started by TravelerGirl

  • Looking at possibly full timing it

    hello, I’m looking into getting one for full time living, probably the 189R, and was wondering how well the unit holds up. has anyone lived in one...

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    Started by OneBuckFilms

  • New to it all

    Excited to have found the space. Grew up camping but haven't done it much lately. Just bought our first ever TT the Retro 176s in November and so...

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    Started by cadal99

  • Hi! I'm new here!

    I am trying to post under the new members section, not sure if I did that right, or if this will be a new topic/thread. Someone please redirect my...

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    Started by Roamingartist

  • Greetings from Retro-Active

    I recently purchased a Riverside Retro 177SE which is being outfitted with solar to make things easier for camping in all kinds of conditions....

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    Started by Retro-Active

  • Hello, new member here

    I'm considering a Riverside Retro 166. My TV is a 2018 Toyota Highlander. Any opinion if my Highlander will be able to easily tow this trailer? ...

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    Started by MK

  • Hello All!!!

    We recently purchased a 2018 (12/17) Retro Jr. 509, the price was right so we bit the bullet... This is not our 1st camper... We downsized from a 27'...

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    Started by MadCnty

  • Hello, from Central California

    My name is Kathy. I just bought a 2016 M-150, Oct 27, 2018. As I bought it used from an independent dealer it came with no manuals. I will...

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    Started by Kathleen

  • Hello from Georgia!! New owners of a Riverside Retro 285FK...

    We are loving our new Retro. First time RV owners. The floor plan on this model was a great fit. Full kitchen in the front and having your couch in...

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    Started by gklauman

  • First adventure in our 199FKS

    Our first trip and first post here. We are Paul and Donita (and Sarge) We have been living out of our new 199FKS since the beginning of August and...

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    Started by Paul D Tripp

  • Hello from Keith and Brandy - new members

    Hello All, My name is Keith and my wife Brandy and I are in the market for a travel trailer ( light/ultra type). We have been shopping an...

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    Started by KBRetro

  • Maiden voyage for our Retro Jr. 509

    Picked up our 509 last Friday and took it to Moose Mountain Lake in Saskatchewan. Tows like a dream! 5 minute set up and we were cooking lunch and...

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    Started by Randy Sehn

  • New members - enjoying our new 189R!

    Over the years, we've tented, then had pop-ups, then a hybrid, but spent the past few busy years without a camper. We looked at Retros and others for...

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    Started by oc_retro

  • 526RB questions

    I'm interested in a 526RB 5th wheel, but there doesn't seem to be many out there. Anyone on here have one, or any Retro 5th wheel? How do you like...

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    Started by amxpress

  • Thinking about a 526RK

    Thinking about a 526RK. I have owned a number of trailers; truck camper, pull trailers and 5vers. Currently own a 2002 Keystone Cougar 278. This...

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    Started by wiredgeorge

  • Pinch me, I'm dreaming!

    We went to check out floor plans today, and at our second stop, I told the sales guy we really wanted to see a 199FKS, but nobody in CA had one on...

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    Started by RedDwarf1

  • New owner of a 199FK Retro! Hitting the road!

    Hi there, just saying hi and making a quick intro for myself and my wife to this forum. We're the new owners of a 2018 199FK Retro, and are about to...

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    Started by NaturallyHigh

  • 199FKS

    Hello, My name is Andrea and I am new to this forum. I am in love with the 199FKS. My husband and I were in Oregon when we past by an RV lot with...

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    Started by andrea53095

  • Apathy, theirs not mine

    I’ve sent 3 emails to Riverside RV with no response or attempt to contact me; posted on this and other RV Forums with no response to my inquiry. I...

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    Started by amxpress

  • 2019 179SE

    Hey folks, Jeremiah and Adrienne here in Salt Lake City. We just became the proud owners of a new 179SE. Loving the new floor plan and excited to...

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    Started by Miah